Thursday, April 23, 2009


After waking up at 6am and 3 Very Large cups of coffee later I have decided on my goals that I am putting forth for the week ahead.

I feel this is the best place to write them down and follow thru so here goes:
  1. Sunday start on a new 5 day cleanse - I haven't done a spring one this year and I feel it is way overdue. I will give it to you in another blog and review each day with you :)
  2. 6am wake up time/workout time - I restarted that this week and will continue
  3. Send 20 new resumes and cover letters each working day to total 140 by the end of the week - I have a job interview on Monday afternoon but will keep pressing until the right stepping stone is found!
  4. Re-start my 1/2 marathon training - my running was side tracked this month with all the unexpected things that went on, MUST bring that back into the routine
  5. One outdoor activity with Ty everyday
OK, that's a good 5, now I'm off to get Ty and take him to his dentist appointment fun times!

Book Review: Are Men Necessary?

Will write tonight

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My month in1000 words or less (and a couple of pics)

Wow....I really decided to try this out again at the worst time of this year. What's up you ask?

  1. The 3rd week of March my mother obtained a spiral fracture on leg while skiing in Whistler and was brought down to Richmond hospital to have emergency surgery. As of today she is at home but barely moving with two plates in her leg and non weight bearing for 7 weeks. How this affects me: I have become full time caregiver/slave as I am currently not working.
  2. On April 3rd a wonderful colleague of mine while I was working at KidSport,Wendy Ladner-Beaudry, was attacked and murdered in close to UBC. Not only has this senseless act shattered our surrounding community but I think I am still in shock. Although I only met Wendy last year, working with and learning from her was a wonderful experience and I will cherish it in my heart forever. The sport community will miss her spirit and I will miss her bouncing into our office greeting us with "Hello TEAM!" and a smile that would brighten up any room. My only hope is that I can grow to be just half the woman and mother she was...I still miss her.My household has come down with this sticky good-for-nothing, stay-with-you-until-you-go-insane cold. Sadly, I was unable to even do the Sun Run because of it.
  3. The Job hunt has become an all out scavenger hunt, although I am still on the optimistic side I realized late last month that this is the first time since I was a teen I have actively searched for a job. Since then my jobs have pretty much fallen into my lap which is wonderful but I am don't know if that will happen again any time soon.
  4. Its tax season...nuff said!

On a positive note, I have finally started to declutter and organize my house and my schedule is starting to take shape again. Hopefully I will keep this up and inch my way to feeling 100% again.

I am starting to study for my class 4 drivers license which will add another certification to my resume.

I kept Easter the smallest it has ever years past Ty's Easter has looked like this:

This in 2006:
And this in '07:
Last Year was the worst when my best friend and her sister were over and we made Easter cookies, painted over a dozen eggs, and even "tried" to spell out HAPPY EASTER on the Lite Brite. We had fun (and were up to 3am) but this was the final product of a one 4 year old:

So I am proud to say we went small this year and Ty did not complain one bit! He even helped clean the house so the Easter bunny would come in.

I want to spend a next couple of blogs posting about some of the recent books I have been reading....until then CHEERS!

Monday, March 16, 2009

OK, I've tried this quite a few times now. I have always wanted to start a blog journal about my day to day life for a few reasons:
  1. To keep my friends and family up to date about my family
  2. To be able to hold myself accountable for what I write down
  3. A medium for support in this crazy world
  4. To record some of my thoughts/stories so that I may be able to reflect on them
For some reason even though I am on the computer most of the time while awake (and partially falling asleep). I have been unable to sustain this blog, so here goes round 369 in which I try to consistently do this.

On that note I thought I start out with a chain note that was sent around Facebook recently:

25 Random Things About Me
  1. Since being pregnant with my son, my weight (and mass) have gone up and down 4 times, currently I'm on another down swing getting ready for my second 1/2 marathon and my best friends wedding!
  2. I am the worst person to stay in touch with my social life goes on 180 degree swings and the pendulum is currently on the hermit side of it's swing
  3. My best friends = sanity/my family = insanity
  4. I have broken 9 bones in my body
  5. Figure Skating has always been my first love, and I am currently on the way to reconnecting with it
  6. Some of the toughest choices in my life have been the easiest to do
  7. I am a procrastinating multi-tasker, I know that sounds like an oxymoron but it actually works for me
  8. My son's birth was completely the opposite from what I anticipated to be, and YES pushing actually feels good but the aftermath doesn't
  9. I have a not-so-secret obsession with shoes. Specifically shoes on sale!
  10. I have been brushing up on my French to help teach my son just in case he wants to switch into French immersion in the school upcoming year, and I can't believe how much I actually remember
  11. My mom had me in orf when I was very young and I learned to play the recorder but never had lessons on the piano
  12. I am constantly reading more than 1 book in the same time period
  13. After living on the North Island I realized I was a city girl but miss some parts of Island life. Knowing that, I will probably end up in Victoria at some point in my life.
  14. I thought I had better teachers and education in public school than at my private school
  15. Although I am not allergic to anything, when I was child I used to say I was allergic to peanut butter because I didn't like it, and I still don't.
  16. When my son was between the ages of 2 1/2 months and 14 months we moved 7 times
  17. When I was young I used to faint everytime I was about to vomit, with my most recent bout of the flu I found out I haven't lost that "talent"
  18. I used to hate long distance running and was unable to push myself to do it but now I find it refreshing and I am proud that I have completed 2 10K's, 1 triathlon and a 1/2 marathon since starting to long distance run in for first time in February 2007.
  19. It took me 6 months to get a base tan the first time I fake and baked
  20. My childhood bear was named Rose she was a brown Gund bear given to me by my Grandparents and I still have it to this day
  21. I have learned that no matter how bad you think it can get, things will be ok and that people will be there for you
  22. I have only been in love with 2 people in my life but I have been in "lust" with many more than that
  23. I think it's funny that there are no pictures of my with my mouth with braces on especially considering I had them on the last two years of high school
  24. I am addicted to chocolate and sometimes will go get some in the wee hours of the morning if I am still awake and craving it
  25. When I was younger I wanted to be Anne of Green Gables and even wanted to dye my hair green like she did in order to identify with her
That's about all for now, I will come back soon and try and have a couple different labels for this one blog instead of creating a bunch of different ones...but I am always up for suggestions.